High Heels Shoes – From a Woman Who Loves Heels


The pros and cons of wearing high heels are constantly being debated at the press. Reactions from all subscribers with the lively discussion can seem extreme when contemplating the subject material but are not surprising to those of us that have an obsession with heels. Our voice is rarely heard.

We are constantly being told in the press of the risks of wearing high heel pumps.

As a woman that has a deep fascination for heels I’d like to offer my outlook on the subject.

For simplicity I shall consider four general types of individuals who I believe are the most opinionated on the topic and that contribute most to the debate. I have intentionally left out the health profession.

1. Most women have an interest in shoes . however, it is well documented that for several women high heel shoes are an obsession. Many theories have been put forward to explain that this behaviour. From personal experience I will say that women that have a passion for heels simply love wearing, amassing and owning heels and do so with a joy that adds an excess dimension to their lifestyles.

2. Girls who snore heels. These women are somewhat enthusiastic in their belief as their heels adoring sisters. They also find heels degrading for their own sex and consider wearing them as an unnecessary, embarrassing and painful betrayal of their gender.

It has to be mentioned that neither of the above mentioned groups are very likely to have their opinions changed, each believing the other to be mislead.

3. Men who love heels. Lots of men are attracted to heels. Ordinarily that is a sexual preference or an subconscious response. This fascination is considered normal by both men and women but since it’s sensual in nature it may in certain men lead into an obsession that can grow to a fetish.

4. Lastly men who cannot know just why women attach so much value to shoes of any type and so are shocked at the number of shoes that a women owns and how much she’ll spend on a pair of superior heels.This group does not often contribute anything worthy of debate.

The fact that an item of clothing might arouse such extreme emotions could normally look absurd. Regarding high heel shoes I’m not at all surprised as heels have consistently held a unique place in one’s heart of several ladies. There is not any doubt that wearing heels is damaging to your overall health and an obsession of any type by definition isn’t normal behaviour however in the case of high heel pumps there is an element of mystique and sexuality that is unique and unexplainable.

In summary, Stilettos ladies will still continue to strut their stuff with pride throwing caution to the wind and also our detractors will carry on tell us the errors of the ways.

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